Fun in Central PA

Here is the loaded roof.

Not - everything I have touched in the house has gone to s--t, it started last night with the computer. I would try and move the courser it would start to open different windows, randomly with no rhyme or reason. I tried every thing I have replaced the mouse and the keyboard, then I could not get past the security lock. The keyboard would not work at all, it would not even power up and the mouse was frozen in the center of the screen. I unplugged the four plexus form the USB port on the front of the unit and hooked up direct - still zilch. Finally I hooked the four plex to the USB in the back of the computer and yea everything works. The USB port on the front of the computer is shot. The unit sits on the floor directly under the keyboard - I know it is not a great place but it is the space that I have.

The new keyboard is about 3 inches wider than the old one so I had to add a piece to the home made table to hold it up.

The Ford cruise control recall included my Ford - When I called them this morning they told me to bring it in as it was slow and would only take 10-15 minutes. I got there about 8:50 AM left 10 AM, but it is done.
I also had to get the oil changed in the Ford - I had tried to get it done on Saturday at 8:45 AM and there was a 3.5 hour wait time. Today was much better I was out of there in 45 minutes.

I went to the junk yard about 3 PM and we loaded the cut off roof onto the roof rack on the Ford and put the doors in the back. It is tied down with two 2 inch wide ratchet straps, it looks funny. I am going out and try and take a couple pictures. Which I will try and up load later to night. I will deliver the roof and doors at 8 PM tonight and after that I'll take the Dodge out there. Luckily I do not have a run till 12:30 Tomorrow. The fun is going to be getting the roof off the roof rack.

Be safe out there and be well.

Robert Rodgers
AKA Bob the Pirate, When all else fails take another ship.


van updates and other things

The junk yard called 15 minutes before they closed and told me he gotten the roof cut off and the doors removed. I will pick them up tomorrow and take them to the body shop. It finally looks like all the pieces are coming together.

I did something stupid last night, I left the 12 volt cooler plugged in, so I had a dead battery this morning on the Ford, I now have the charger hooked up and running.

I have the back seat out of the Ford (it has been out since Tuesday, I was suppose to go and get peaches, but they would not do it like they said) I will load the handicapped carts in a short while. Then off to church, I think Betty Lee is speaking and I am platforming (running the program).

We might get some rain this afternoon, we really need it our well is sucking air at times.

I also must pick up a new set of faucets for the tub and shower for the landlord to install.



Friday 8/3/07

I have been so busy since my last post, We are trying to upgrade our 1993 Dodge to a handicapped high roof van. I have purchased the lift, and paid for someone (a junkyard)to cut the top 18 inches off an other van plus the two doors. we need a 60 inch door opening for the commercial lift. I have a body man lined up to put all the pieces together. We are hopping to have it up and running by the end of August.



Monday Morning

I have not been able to write much lately as we are getting the libary back up and running. We have over 15 boxes of books that are going to a used book store in State College (Websters Cafe and Books) Doing this is going to allow us to get the front porch cleaned up so we can start using it this winter.

I have to leave on a run at 7:30 AM, it is just to Lewistown to pick up their wedding licence. I should be home again by 10 AM. Then I am going to try and get some work done on the porch. I'll try and write more often.



Last week

I had a busy week so I did not get to write last week.

I left for Owen, WI. at 12:05 AM Monday, we arrived at 6:30 PM. Then it started to snow, we ended up with a 1/2 inch. The wedding started at 8 AM Tuesday so it was a long day ( I napped most of the day ) WE finally left there at about 11 PM Tuesday and I arrived home at about 8:15 PM Wednesday ( I had an extrat 2 hours dropping off)

Then on Thursday I left for Lancaster at about 4:30 AM. I arrived home about 8:30 PM.

Then on Friday I had local runs, I picked up a family from a bus that was returning from a wedding in the state of Indiana, and took them home. Then I took two family's shopping. Saturday at 7:30 AM I took a group to an auction and left all but one (she went to a grocery store close to the auction) and picked up 3 more and brought them back close to home and at 1:30 PM I left home and picked up the three, that I brought from the auction and took them back to the auction, picked up the group I left at the auction and one extra and brought them home.

Then I gased up and stopped at the grocery store and got some mashed potatoes and saulisbury steak for supper.

This week is booked solid also except Friday which is the day that I take Betty to WalMart for the monthly shopping spree.



Monday Morning 10/11

I am sorry to report that Betty Lee has come down with Bronchitis, The Doctor call in a prescription yesterday and I picked it up. She is finally asleep. She has had to use her nebularizer quite often the last two days. We fight this every fall and winter, She has such decreased use of her lungs that it gets very worrisome.

I have a run this morning I pick up just down the road at 5:55 AM.

Every one enjoy the holiday
Be safe out there and be Well



Thursday eveving 10/05/06

There is not much going on with me this week. I took my neighbor to a funeral Tuesday morning and then to upstate NY that night as they missed there ride because of the funeral. I was home again by 11 PM Wednesday.

My broken toe is much better and has almost quit hurting, if I step just right I do remember that it is broken.

I had to order a new Battery charger for the bus/RV, and I also need to get two new batteries for it. Then I can take Betty for a ride before it snows.

Be safe out there and be well.